A Chainsaw Alternative for the Less Robust Amongst Us.

I am not sure how it happened, but we have a division of labor in our orchard chores and I have evolved into the head orchard pruner.  Most of the time, I prune the trees myself, using a variety of hand tools including pruning shears and loppers. When the going gets tough, I will call in my son or husband.  I am not a large, nor a strong woman, and I also have a variety of aches and pains associated with older age and overuse. At times I have carpal tunnel, shoulder pain, neck pain,.. you get the drift. After a bout of tackling some of our 150 plus citrus and orchard trees everything seems to flare up. And when the branches I want to cut are more than a few inches in diameter, there are long bouts of struggling and a few choice words as I tackle to get them cut with hand pruning saws, loppers, whatever it takes. Because I don’t like to ask for help.

When I finally break down and ask for help, eventually the guys will get out their burly chainsaws and as I stand there pointing out which branches to cut they will make short work of what I have struggled with for far too long. I have always been tempted to get myself a smaller one of those darn chainsaws but they are heavy and expensive and to be honest they scare me. So this orchard pruning struggle has gone on for over 20 years now and it has only gotten worse as I have gotten older and my trees have gotten larger. Sigh….

This week, my son found a solution to my problem that is so exciting I just have to share it. This is what he brought to me (I love that kid!).


It is a battery-powered reciprocating saw otherwise known as a sawzall, with a pruning blade.

Check out the diameter of the cut it made in seconds.

example of a cut

This tool is fabulous! It weighs about 7 pounds with the rechargeable battery and it is very easy for me to operate. At a little over 100 bucks for the saw, and another 15 for a pack of the special Diablo pruning blades, it is less expensive than a chainsaw too. I just can’t believe I spent all these years struggling to find this tool. It really will be a lifechanger for me.

Okay, enough sharing for today. I need to go outside and cut some stuff!

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