Fall Roasted Vegetable Salad

This recipe starts with 2 of the other recipes on this site, the roasted eggplant and the roasted peppers. If you have made those ahead and have them on hand it is very simple. Take roasted red and/or gold peppers ( I used 4 of them) and roasted eggplant (I used 8 of them) and chop them up into large pieces (about 1 inch square).

Put these into a bowl. Now get 2-3 nice ripe tomatoes. These tomatoes are kind of gnarly looking, but that is how a fall tomato tends to look. The good news? Fall tomatoes are often the most flavorful.

The tomato on the right is a Hillbilly Potato Leaf. It has shades going all the way from yellow to orange to red in one tomato. We had a lot of tomatoes from those plants this year.

Now trim off all that ugly stuff, cut them into 1 inch chunks, and throw them in the bowl with the eggplant and peppers.

Finally, get some nice little olives. These are home-made olives (we will get into that on my blog soon), but any dark olives like Nicoise or Kalamata would work.  This is about 1/4 cup of olives. If they are large, like the Kalamata, I would pit them and then cut them into quarters or so, but the with the small ones I just remove the pits and break them in half. Put these into the bowl with all the other goodies.

Finally, add 1 Tablespoon California extra virgin olive oil and 1 Tablespoon California Balsamic Vinegar. Stir it up, taste to see if it needs any salt or more vinegar, and serve.

Adrian and I ate the whole bowl full at dinner. This is what it looked like:

© 2013. Dayna Green-Burgeson RD, CDE. All Rights Reserved.

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