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My name is Dayna Green Burgeson, and I am a Registered Dietitian. I work for a University of California hospital, where I provide counseling to people trying to improve their health by changing the way they eat. Before I was a dietitian, I was trained as a cook and pastry chef when I worked at several restaurants in the Sonoma and Napa valleys.

I am also a farmer. Along with my husband, Adrian, I run a small Satsuma Mandarin farm called Burgeson Family Farm. We have a farm website www.burgesonfamilyfarm.com if you care to hear more about it.  Our farm is in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills, in California, and we have one of the best climates you can imagine for growing all kinds of fruits and vegetables. We have tried to grow just about everything on our property, and currently have over 50 different types of fruits and vegetables growing at any time.

This is a picture of me with my husband Adrian, and my son Evan, in front of one of our mandarin trees.

I have been a dietitian and cook for over 30 years, and a farmer for over 20 years, and during that time I have grown much of my own food. I have learned a lot about how to grow and prepare a variety of healthy foods, and this website is my attempt to share some of that knowledge.

I am also available to lecture to groups on the health benefits of and ways to implement a healthy California Mediterranean Diet. Please send me a message at this link if you would like more information on the type of talks I can give to your group and my fees for this service.

Although I am employed by the University of California, all opinions expressed on this website are my own, and are in no way endorsed by the University of California. Also, all content on this site is the property of Dayna Green Burgeson RD, CDE and is copyright protected. All content on this site is not to be reproduced or copied in any way without my written permission.

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Ms. Burgeson,
    I write about plants for the Los Angeles Daily News and wondered if I could publish your photo of a Hachiya and a Fuyu persimmon. You would be given credit for the photo.
    Joshua Siskin

    • I appreciate you asking as all my content is original and copyright protected. But in this case I am fine with you using the photo in this specific one instance and providing credit. I am a fan of persimmon trees and if you are planning to teach people about growing them and eating them, that is a noble cause. By the way, the USDA just granted a researcher in Northern California funds to improve the knowledge about varieties of persimmons for commercial use, as well as to study the nutritional composition and marketing of them so there will likely be much more to come about persimmons in the future.

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  4. Hello!

    I am studying Nutrition and Home Economics in Germany and currently I am in Italy doing an internship about the Mediterranean Diet.
    I would like to ask you some questions about the Mediterranean Diet in the USA and if it is difficult to follow the guidelines of this Diet there.

    I look forward to your answer.

    Best regards,

    Tanya Zerbian

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